An Evolution In Toilet Cleaning

The Self-Cleaning Toilet Brush

Self Cleaning
Flush Brush - White
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Self Cleaning
Flush Brush - Gray
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Introducing The FlushBrush

“I can’t believe we’ve put a man on the moon, yet we use a poo stick to clean the toilet.” FlushBrush is a replacement for your horrible toilet brush. It’s a new take on toilet cleaning. Every other object in your bathroom has modernised, become more convenient and more hygienic, except the toilet brush!

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More Hygienic

FlushBrush's silicone cleaning head repels water and dirt, and has been specifically designed to avoid having any dirt traps. Silicone is an extremely hydrophobic material, meaning water and dirty substances can hardly stick to it – it’s often used in high quality cooking and medical tools to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. 

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Easy To Fit

To install the FlushBrush in your bathroom, lift the toilet lid and position the cradle tightly under the rim of the toilet to ensure maximum water coverage. Once the forks of the cradle are tightly under the rim, fold back the flexible aluminium strip around your toilet bowl, moulding the FlushBrush cradle into place to perfectly fit your toilet. 

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Why Use FlushBrush®

The FlushBrush is more hygienic in three key ways. 

✓ The silicone head repels water and waste, unlike bristled brushes. 

✓ The head is stored inside the toilet, with water passing over it with every flush; nothing that touches the inside of the toilet ever leaves the toilet.

✓ The head can be replaced whenever you want to, making it easier to maintain your standard of cleanliness in the bathroom. 

The FlushBrush brings toilet cleaning into the 21st century.

What Customers Are Saying

I bought these after they were in Dragons' Den and waited months for them to arrive whilst they were being developed. They are absolutely brilliant! A great invention



Love mine!! Got from their Kickstarter a while back and honestly the best thing, no gross dripping, not even half as unsightly as a full loo brush, and has already saved me £15 on replacement loo brushes 👌



I backed this project on Kickstarter and absolutely love the product.



We purchased two FlushBrushes from you via Kickstarter and love them



Great product, I will be recommending it.



Honestly this brush is great, a bonus I didn’t realize is due to the brush head size I can now clean the very back of the bowl I’ve never been able to reach so thank you again I love it