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Design Process

I first had the idea for FlushBrush in 2017 after “inheriting” a second hand toilet brush when I moved into a new apartment. I then began discussing with my roommate why we used such a disgusting and old fashioned tool for cleaning the toilet...

A lot of thinking, testing and hard work later, we had the first prototype. I took it to a bathroom trade show Birmingham (UK) in March 2018, and spent 3 days talking to bathroom experts. At the show, I realised there were major improvements I could make to the design, and so it was back to work. 

At that show, someone suggested that I should apply for Dragons’ Den. I did, and thought nothing more of it. Development continued through our second and third prototypes, each an improvement on the last, but progress was slow as all the design work was funded just by me. Then, by February of 2019, I found myself auditioning for Dragons’ Den with my fifth prototype. I never thought it would happen, but I was selected to film with just four weeks’ notice. 

Together, with my amazing design team, we pushed through a few more versions, making final tweaks to ensure everything was ready for me to appear on TV. Dragons’ Den was a success, and I secured two offers from Sara Davies and Touker Souleyman in 2019. As many of you may know, not all projects that are funded on TV make it all the way, and ultimately launching a Kickstarter to get the FlushBrush directly into the homes of those that want it most was the best route to take. Since filming the show in 2019, we have made major design improvements, and launched the product via crowdfunding early in 2020. The FlushBrush was one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time, raising over $1,000,000, selling tens of thousands of units to almost 100 countries.

I am so excited that the product is now widely available, and is helping people clean more hygienically.


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